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Meet Tony Drees

Tony Drees is a warrior, a father, an industry leading sales trainer and most of all an educated man that has used his life struggles and business experiences to create a system to help everyone learn to broadcast their life as a Story of Success! Personalized course work, with a strong focus on community and self esteem training will make the B.E.S.T. program change your life too!


Tony has taken a life of obstacles and turned them into opportunities to shine.

Purple HeartGulf War 1991

Tony was serverly injured in a scud missile attack in 1991

Bachelors DegreeBusiness Management

Tony received his bachelors of science in business management in 2011

Masters DegreeBusiness Management

Tony received his Masters degree in Management in 2013

Corporate LeaderBusiness Management

Several years success in sales and business management

My Story

I am living a life filled with incredible challenges which I have leveraged into an amazing Story of Success. You see, everybody has a story. Some folks tell me my story is a better story to tell than their own. I disagree. Most people broadcast their story to themselves and the world as a story of struggle and strife. I spent more than 20 years of my adult life studying the great minds and authors of success. I thought was a good student, I experienced success in the military, and I experience corporate success, but I found out I was a great student when I figured out the secret guaranteed to bring success to all who practice according to the rules.

I have a coach, she helps me sustain my high level of success. The problem is that one on one coaching is expensive! So I, like most folks in the pursuit of happiness, purpose/true calling, control over finances, weight loss, ultimately anything that makes them feel successful, turn to self help. We buy books, attend seminars, follow on social media, subscribe to emails, podcasts, webinars, dvds, anything we can to gain expert advice at a reasonable investment level. The problem is the greater the audience size, the more general the expert must make their message. It was impossible to make a mass presentation that specifically addresses each audience members specific issue, circumstances, experiences and uniquely acquired skills, until now. I teach to empower others to name, achieve and sustain success to their own specific definition in my B.E.S.T. System of Success.

I learned early on that only an individual can place a value on their education. My lifetime of study in self help, education, as a father, and as a sales and performance trainer taught me one thing, people care about themselves. But they do not know how to care for themselves. They have been hurt, beaten up, had setbacks, failures, bad luck, countless other unspeakable things and some now have others who make up excuses for them, so long they lose sight of who they are. They begin repeating to themselves and to the world, their story of struggle and strife. I teach students how to reframe the story they broadcast to themselves and to the world, their Story of Success.

The B.E.S.T. System of Success will soon have you feeling "10 foot tall and indestructible" in a sustainable fashion. I will show how to connect with your purpose and help you to properly recognize it.


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“Life gets better if you learn how to think critically.”