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Learn a proven path to success using sustainability and transitional skills. With the B.E.S.T. program you can take your challenges and broadcast them as steps to your success.

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Personal B.E.S.T.

Are you looking for more confidence, self esteem, or to connect with your true purpose? This is the program you have been looking for!

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Military Transition

Take advantage of Transition Services that led to 20+ years of business success mapped out for you by a Gulf War Veteran.

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Corporate Sustainability

This program helps business owners and corporate leaders answer specific questions, avoid mistakes, and develop a Sustainable Success Plan.

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Empowering Women

Are you looking for a plan to help you reach your full potential and build your confidence? This is the program you have been looking for!

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I am Tony Drees. I am a Purple Heart veteran, an inspirational speaker, an industry-leading sales trainer, a leader with a Master’s in Management and a transition expert.

My programs implement uniquely acquired expertise that includes 24+ years of business acumen, combat military experience, nonprofit management and educational prowess into impactful & sustainable, leadership, individual & corporate training programs.

Cutting edge training methodologies focus on the importance of realtime data collection in conjunction with the utilization of appropriate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) implementation in all occupational fields to instill engagement, corporate culture and workforce enhancement strategies for sustainable human asset development & retention.

I welcome the opportunity to share how Sustainability can impact your Success aspirations.


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