STEM-based, interactive & inspirational education presentations.

Empowering administrators, educators and parents in the engagement of modern students.

Tony Speaks

On the eve of the 25th Anniversary of the 1991 Gulf War, celebrated Army combat veteran & Transition Expert, Tony Drees, opens up to audiences around the country about what it takes to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds through his STEM-based, interactive & inspirational education presentations.


Modern educators must compete for students' attention amid incredible distractions such as, cyberbullying, multicultural issues, mental wellness, student safety & a myriad of other potential barriers of education.

Transition Expert, Tony Drees Inspires through a message that is dedicated to empowering administrators, educators and parents in the engagement of modern students.


Book Transition Expert, Tony Drees to deliver his STEM-Based, Interactive, "Invisible Wounds, Invaluable Lessons" Educational Tour to see why his clients, the press and school principals across the nation are raving about Transition Expert, Tony Drees!

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Modern students face tremendous pressures! These pressures are due in part to high college tuition rates and in part to the current multicultural expectations that everyone should attend college. The pressure students endure is rounded out by the historical & traditional social pressures of being an adolescent.

Transition Expert, Tony Drees teaches students to engage "No win" scenarios through the power of perseverance, educational accountability & community service!


Top students, the best athletes & the most talented performers compete in classrooms, arenas & on stages across the globe for the most elite opportunities competitive success affords. Occasionally, injuries, schedules, grades, stress, travel, team dynamics, trauma & other competitive issues threaten success.

Tony Drees is uninhibited by his visible and invisible disabilities as he shares with others how he transcends threats to success such as addictive behavior, financial, mental & physical adversities, to become a Masters educated Transition Expert.