New transition – the continuing journey of success

Successful speaker.

Transition expert.

Advocate for veterans.

Explorer, adventurer, trailblazer (literally).

I have done a lot of things in my life. I’ve had a lot of things done to me. My new transition is all about getting back to basics, learning about myself, and finding better ways to help others.


I am buying 80 acres of land in San Luis, Colorado, and have pitched a tent to start the next phase in my life-long transition. The tent will soon be replaced by a container home, providing a more solid roof as protection against the strong wind for me and for my service dog, Diva. I am learning to appreciate the power of that wind even as I am learning more about myself and the new world around me.

My blog will be mostly about my journey for a while. I want to share with you what I am doing and why. It all makes sense with the bigger picture!

We start with . . .

Day Three

It is gorgeous here!!! Mustangs and antelope are everywhere! It is WINDY!!!

Today I spent 8 hours constructing a PVC tent.

I am reminded of a time after the Gulf incident, when I was spending Father’s Day with my Dad and brothers. We were at the lake golfing. All of the sudden, seemingly out of nowhere this crazy storm caught us from behind. We found our foursome huddled in this little three sided structure, a lean-to, a little shed. The storm wouldn’t hear of it! It snatched that 4″X4″ off us as if to say “you should watch this,” ominously!!!

Wait, why do you think I am reminded of this particular story?

Yep!!! Total annihilation!!! Then it seems the solar powered battery tender doesn’t work!


Good news!

Susie (the car) pulled through eventually! I just serviced her Saturday. And again, I’m reminded. “Service your car!” Yep got it! Thanks, Dad.

Now me and the baby have an excuse to sit in the car with it running. We both needed a break to regroup from this relentless wind. And, Dad, that thing you taught me came true today!

You see, my father would say “It takes less time to dry fit it and put it together twice than it does to drive to town for replacement parts!”

Yes it does!!!

The journey continues . . . .