Perseverance and persistence win the race


The old story about the turtle and the hare exemplifies the importance of perseverance! That turtle never gave up, even though he was
excruciatingly slow. He kept going and was not distracted by his own over-confidence, as was the hare.  Of course, the turtle won the race,
because of his persistence and determination to success.

It would have been very easy for the turtle to quit – or to never start. The hare was so confident because he knew he was faster. What would have halphabet-word-images-1298865_1280appened if the turtle had agreed with the hare from the beginning and just said “forget it”?

For one, we wouldn’t have a moral-filled, long-beloved story to share with our children!

If the turtle had not even started the race or had given up halfway through, he would not have seen the results of his perseverance – his success! Likewise, if we decide a task is too difficult – or, in some sad cases, that life is too difficult – and don’t continue trying, then we definitely will not succeed. However, if we persevere, we can definitely have that access to success!

Don’t give up! Never give up! You may see others passing you by, but that does not matter. You may decide the race is too hard, but you are stronger than you may realize. You may want to hand the victory over to someone or something else, but you are the one destined for that success.

Keep going. Even if you find yourself on a slow path, your persistence is what matters, not your speed. Just ask that turtle!


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