Transitions are all about “what’s next?”


Change happens in everyone’s life, sometimes quite frequently. A new job. A job loss. A new relationship. A break-up. Births. Deaths. Upward career moves. Career shifts.

The question that hovers over every life change, every transition, is “what’s next?” Often we do not know the answer to that question right away. It might take some time to get all the information necessary to move forward through the moment of transition. It will most certainly take courage and determination, a fog-1819147_1920“never quit” attitude to navigate the transition successfully.

Easy words, right? We can all sit back and tell someone else to not give up, to keep plowing through. I can tell you that . . . from experience.

My life has been a very long line of transitions. From abused child to adopted child. From soldier to wounded warrior. From a series of operations to health and fitness.

What’s my secret? Focus and determination. I’ve asked myself “what’s next?” at every step, to prepare myself to be successful with the next transition.

Of course it’s not easy. The pain is real, both emotional and physical, for those (including myself) going through challenging transitions.  I will not tell you I’ve flown smoothly through the transitions in my life. I will not tell you that I’ve never been frustrated.

I will tell you I’ve never given up. I’ve always known there would be something behind that next “what’s next?”

What keeps me going now? My five principles of:





~~Fostering sustainability

I am focused on succeeding. I am focused on helping others succeed – and sustaining that success.

What’s next for you? Are you navigating through your own transition?

You can do it! You don’t have to do it alone. Contact me and let’s walk through your next “what’s next?” together!


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