Fitting in Fitness


Fitness is not all about body building. Fitness encompasses mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

For me fitness was always in a gym, in an arena, and, eventually, on the battlefield. I spent decades chasing traditional methods of fitness such weight training, martial arts, and aerobic conditioning. The problem I eventually became acutely aware of is the emptiness in spirit.

Trauma can happen to the body, mind, and soul. Unfortunately, the standard and orthodox western methods do not appear to completely compliment trauma. We have a multi-billion dollar fitness industry in this country but formal programs aren’t always appropriate and they don’t always work for everyone.

For myself, soon after I turned 45 my body began to show painful signs of accelerated wear. Joints, tendons, and muscles were taking much longer to recover, and in the meantime, of course, there was always pain. Yes, pain is the reward for pursuing health!

I began paying close attention to my body’s need and responses to stimuli and discovered that I don’t need to work out any more than necessary (still finding out what that means) and I can enjoy activities other than typical impact-filled “gym work” such as:






What does this mean to you? You can do it! You don’t need billions of dollars. You don’t need a formal program. You just need to get started.

Start with the 3 rules:

~No lies – Be honest with yourself (and others) about why you want to change.

~No excuses – Establish a firm date and time of when you will start.

~Never quit – Don’t force yourself; find yourself!


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