Understanding makes it harder to hate


How many of us make snap assumptions based on the superficial? We decide what someone else is like, what their situation must be, and how we will react to them simply because of the way they look, where they are from, or even the way they talk or walk.

What would happen if we got to know people as individuals?

How many times have we decided what a particular person must be like and then, after getting to know them, found that they were nothing like what we first thought?

It’s so much harder to hate when we actually understand what a person’s life is like, what kind of circumstances have shaped that person, and the struggles that person may be going through.us-flag-1779063_640

We could put an end to bullying, to discrimination, to hatred, just by taking a few minutes to ask someone a question or listen to their story.

Instead of criticizing someone with no apparent health issue for parking in a handicapped spot, ask that person if he could use some help walking to the store.

Instead of classifying someone of a particular religion in with extremists who falsely claim that same religion, take the time to learn what that person’s faith is truly all about.

Instead of looking down on the person in front of you digging through her coin purse, struggling to pay for her groceries, pay it forward and offer to put a few items on your bill.

Yes, I realize this is a dream. But all it takes to make a dream come true is a little action. If each of us stopped – today – and took the time to understand more about someone else, we could contribute to making the dream a reality.

It doesn’t take a grand gesture or a wide-sweeping movement. It only takes only person at a time deciding to gain a better understanding before deciding to hate.

Try it out. Get to know someone better. Offer to help. Work on understanding. Then spread the word.

Let me know how it goes.

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