Vetting a vet program


A good leader does what needs to be done first, to learn how it’s done and then to set the example for others to follow.

Many people have asked about my new venture. This is such an important project and I’m ecstatic that there is such interest! I have transitioned into a very important leadership role. I’ve taken on the task of setting up camp, seemingly in the middle of nowhere in Colorado, to become self-sufficient and to sustain life in a new and different way.

IMG_4316Why? To be a living example for veterans. To establish a way for veterans to overcome homelessness. Not just by creating another program, but by doing the work that needs to be done, to show how it can be done.

I work with clients on success sustainability. There is no greater need for sustainability than with my current venture. By learning, using the resources available to me, and working through the challenges, I will be able to say to others, “this is how you can be successful and sustain that success.”

The possibilities are exciting.

The current reality needs more attention. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development reported that last year, 47,725 veterans were homeless on a single night. That’s crazy.

Our veterans deserve better. I’m doing my part to make something better happen.

In between speaking to groups and writing articles, I am setting up a new home in the simplest, least expensive way possible. I want to make sure it will work for others, so first it has to work for me.IMG_4537

Keep following me (and my service dog, Diva) on this journey. Together, let’s make something better happen.



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