Lead Like a Girl


With all the advances we have made, it is unbelievable that we still see such a difference in the male versus female category in corporate America and beyond.  We give the message of equality more freely, yet in practicum it is proven over and over that we are not there yet.

While close to 52 percent of professional jobs are held by women, they are substantially underrepresented in leadership roles. Only 14.6 percent of executive officers, 8.1 percent of top earners, and 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. At this rate, it’s estimated that women won’t achieve leadership parity until 2085.

However, not all the blocks facing women can be attributed to the glass ceiling imposed by the traditional workplace. Women often hold themselves back from advancement with self-imposed barriers. Why is this?  And what can we do to empower women to their full potential?

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy – What is holding you back?

Women hold themselves back in the workplace by questioning themselves.  This is not a surprise as women have not had the commonality men have had in the corporate world throughout our history.  So what is holding women back?

  • A fear of failure. While men know their personal worth isn’t determined by professional failures, young women often fear that workplace missteps will cost them their job, reputation, and success.
  • Family matters. Some women fear that employers will view them as vulnerable, inefficient, or unmotivated if they decide to start a family.
  • An inferiority complex. Some women still believe that men are stronger leaders, have better ideas, and are more equipped to achieve success.

What can be done to stop this?  Women can only break through these barriers by helping themselves. Here are three things every woman can do to propel herself forward:

  • Be yourself.  Don’t change your appearance or attitude to appeal to the “masculine” side of business.  Use the unique skills you have as a woman to be the power and support needed.
  • Trust your instincts. Women are wired with great intuition. Use that to your advantage.
  • Embrace mistakes. Failure is a certain step on the way to success.  Use a mistake as a learning experience, dust yourself off and move on.  If it was a lesson it is no longer a failure, but a step in the process.

Women are great at building relationships, empowering others, tuning into people’s needs, and balancing a staggering number of responsibilities — skills that are great assets, not liabilities, in the workplace.

Empower yourself to reach your full potential. At the end of the day it is your mind set that will break all barriers and lead to success.  This is true for everyone.



Pain is a Teacher



Pain is a teacher. Remember the time you put a little too much lighter fluid on the barbecue? The memory of your singed eyebrows and blistered lips keep you from repeating this mistake in the future. The problem with pain is that it isn’t sustainable.

Pain is not sustainable because everyone has different tolerances to pain, therefore it can not be administered fairly or effectively by those who use it as motivation. That said, I am sure the boy caned in Singapore will not soon repeat his crimes. That aside, pain is terminal.

Closer to the point, a manager tells a habitually tardy employee that if they are late again, they are subject to disciplinary actions including termination of employment.

This is a different type of pain, but a punitive motivation, non the less. This “Sticks and Carrots” method is a historical and transactional management style. Anything terminal, is transactional.

Frankly, it is incredibly ineffective. A sustainable management style is to find out why the employee is late. Is the employee disengaged or a poor performer? Or does a minor scheduling conflict exist which is turning a top performer into a disciplinary problem? Is this a perfect coaching opportunity?

Find out. Seek solutions that best serve the clients, the company and the employee. As I manager, I am not suggesting different rules for every employee. I am not suggesting being a push over to your staffs’ every whim. What I am strongly encouraging, is that we remember the HUMAN portion of Human Resources.

Learn to recognize value in your staff. Sustainability is not about chasing perfection, from ourselves or our employees, or our businesses. Sustainability centers around reaching optimal balance in the utilization of resources in achieving and maintaining peak success performance.

In plain language, ask yourself if you succeed only once, are you lucky or our you good? Sustainability teaches you to make success a positive habit.

A Positive Habit takes little to no effort, right?

That’s the point, sustainability creates maximum results with declining efforts from the success performers, without the pain, or threat of pain.

Sustainability endures!



Are YOU Blocking YOUR Own Success?


“If you have to do it, you might as well have a good attitude about it!”

My mom always told me I was smart and could make it through college. I believed her and that always stayed with me.  I insisted on the Army first. I completed 2 tours in Germany, then I raced back to attend college. Before I could finish school, I was invited to the Gulf, interruption #2.(2 of 5!) That’s 4 different times I failed, but on the 5th time, and the 6th time, I succeeded!  I conquered and received my degrees.

What you believe about education or anything, is exactly what you will get. The difference in successful people is that they understand and expect the failures that come along.  No one gets through their journey without stumbling.  The trick is to use the falls to learn the terrain!

What if the reason you are not getting hired has nothing to do with your degree, and had more to do with your thinking. Degrees don’t get jobs people do. Instead of being so vocal in a negative capacity, try to think out side of the box. Find or invent a way to win.

What can you do well enough to get paid?  What do you love enough to do for the rest of your life?  Happiness in one’s career is a big part of their success.  Work does not feel like a burden if you are doing something you are passionate about.

The first thing you can do is not listen to people who are not where you want to be. Stop hanging around people who are not actively heading where you want to head! Your peers and support group can be wings to lift you higher or a boulder that keeps you down.  Choose well.

Simply put, beliefs govern attitudes. Attitudes govern behaviors. It is the single thing that humans possess which only they can have complete and sole control over. Managed properly, beliefs are the most powerful force in the pursuit of success!

Choose to make your ideas and beliefs the source of flight, not the weight that holds you down!



Steps To Take For Success


We all want success in life.  Whether it’s success in business or family or just success in overcoming a bad habit.  The destinations may be different but the steps to getting there are for the most part the same. Deep inside all of us, we have our own personal reasons for striving for success, and really, we all define success in very different ways whether it is for financial freedom or mere sense of accomplishment.

The first step is knowing you. You have to know yourself. Spend some time reflecting on your beliefs, your passions, your intentions for your new venture, and what your ideal outcome would look like. At the same time, take an honest look at your own weaknesses and try to find your own speed bumps. If you want a successful outcome, it’s even more important to know what you need help with than to know what you do well.

It is important to know what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing, but there is a huge gap between knowing this and finding a way to leverage the knowledge for success. That leads to the second step…

Write it down, clearly and in detail. Always think on paper. A goal that is not in writing is not a goal at all. It is merely a wish and it has no energy behind it. Cement your desire in writing and bind it to you.







The next step is to eliminate emotions by letting go of the past and thinking about the present.  Let go of all the frustration, fear, anxiety, false hopes.  Today will be a new day with many more on the horizon.  What has happened in the past will most probably stay the same; you can’t change it. Instead focus on the present and live today instead of yesterday.

The final thing I want to talk about is time management.  While the fifth mentioned it is among the most important.  Don’t let the time control you. You control the time. Time management is the most effective tool you can utilize to become successful.
It is also the key factor in getting joy out of life.  Leave time for yourself to enjoy the journey.  Work hard, but work smart.

All throughout your life you will be working on “That Next Goal” so if you are only happy when you reach it, you will never be happy. There will be a new one right around the corner.  Success in life is not about reaching a final destination but instead it’s the process of constantly upgrading your life to a better version.  So, if you are just grazing with the heard, I won’t blame you for feeling down.  But if you are in the process of pursuing the life that you desire for yourself and your family than I hope that you find yourself satisfied RIGHT NOW as well as in the future.




Customer Retention – Meet Your Goals!


How would your business perform if you had a retention rate of 50% or more? Translation; if you resell to 2 customers, you will have 2 transactions over a given period of time with no need for lead chasing or funnel building. 70% retention means for every 10 customers you sell to, your business gains 7 more transactions over time from the same clients, again without having to “build” the sale. Numbers like these will impact your sales career/ business. A higher retention ratio helps you achieve and sustain your personal, success goals!

No matter what your business is, sustainable success can only occur with customer retention. Think about it. How much time, energy and money does your company spend searching for new customers? Now imagine if for every 10 customers you did business with, 4, 5 or 7 of them would consider doing business with your company first, for their future needs. Even better, what if they would only consider conducting business with your business exclusively?

My achievements in this area have made me an industry-leading sales consultant. I have taught many others my steps for retention of clients and as a result they have become top sales consultants themselves. Their effectiveness generated my advancement as an industry leading sales trainer and business coach.
In my case, leading the industry meant:
• I worked less hours.
• I made the company the most money.
• I had the highest retention of customers.
• I had the most fun!

Here are 5 steps for acquiring and maintaining customers:
• Meet and greet (your customer).
• Assess your customer.
• Be an expert in your area.
• Don’t over-sell.
• Provide referrals when asked.
I will address each step with ‘how to’ steps, posted separately over the next few weeks. If you miss one, you can catch up on my blog. www.tonydreeslifecoach.com/blog
Enjoy! This information will change your career, starting today!